You are a doer. A problem solver. A leader.

When you join others like you in our community, there is no limit to the change you can create.

You become part of a global network that fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. But our focus is solely here at home. The dollars we raise in Kansas City stays in Kansas City. Our organization, our donors, and our volunteers have stood together for 100 years as the trusted leaders capable of understanding the community’s unique needs and then addressing them in ways that bring real change.

Each of the Donor Networks offers the following:

  • Engagement with leaders shaping our community
  • Volunteer activities
  • Networking and educational events
  • Fun, exclusive events for people like you who want to make a difference. These include receptions at members’ homes, group volunteer opportunities and so much more.

The work you do is crucial to the sustainability of key initiatives and programs. In 2017, our Donor Networks combined to raise over $12 million, which was used to bolster our community. We need your help to keep this journey moving forward.

Join a Donor Network today to become part of this circle of giving!

Legacy Giving

All About Legacy Giving

You are committed to this community and your history of community support proves that. With planned and endowment giving, you have the ability to ensure that your personal values and societal priorities will be addressed now and in the future. Your thoughtful and purposeful commitment today will work to tackle complex issues in Kansas City tomorrow.

For nearly 100 years, the United Way of Greater Kansas City has been the foremost leader in community philanthropy and community impact. United Way’s legacy is that of a strengthened community. Creating a legacy gift to United Way ensures that your secure, well-managed investment will fulfill your wishes for future generations.

A Ripple in the Pond Today, A Tidal Wave in the Future

  • For a minimum gift of $100,000 you can create an individualized endowed fund that will provide support to the community impact area of your choosing into perpetuity.
  • With a gift from your estate, endowed or not, United Way can ensure your legacy and provide maximum impact.
  • Gifts of appreciated stock and property can also be used to create your maximum impact legacy while providing a tax benefit to you.
  • For 25 times your annual Tocqueville Society gift you can achieve lifetime membership in the society and create an endowed account to benefit the community impact area of your choice.

Get Started

For more information about legacy giving, please email Laurie McCormack or call (816) 559-4650.


Tocqueville Society

 400+ household members locally; 24,000 nationally

All About Tocqueville Society

Tocqueville Society brings together leaders with the passion, expertise and resources needed to make a profound, long-lasting impact in Greater Kansas City. The heart of Tocqueville Society is giving, networking, and making a difference.

Our members set the standard for community involvement and impact.

Positioned for Maximum Impact

As a Tocqueville Society member, you can be sure your gift will make a difference. Members create action in support of United Way’s mission to fight for the health, education and financial stability of everyone in the community. You will benefit from the networking of like-minded, charitable people. They help carry forward the legacy brought to our community by Adele and Donald J. Hall Sr., and Gordon and Nancy Beaham more than 30 years ago.

  • Engage with other business and philanthropic leaders in the community
  • Offer your perspective on the future of smart charitable giving. Sharing your insights will allow United Way’s sustainable, efficient work in the community to continue in perpetuity.
  • Enjoy invitations to exclusive sponsored events

Step Up Program

To be eligible for Tocqueville Society membership, donors must make an individual or household gift of $10,000 or more annually, with at least 50 percent of that gift directed to United Way of Greater Kansas City or one of our three impact areas.

Receive full Tocqueville Society recognition and benefits in year one when you commit to a three-year progression of benefits:

Member, $10,000 Level
  • Year One: $5,000 (min)
  • Year Two: $7,500
  • Year Three: $10,000
Ordre De Liberté, $25,000 Level
  • Year One: $15,000 (min)
  • Year Two: $20,000 (min)
  • Year Three: $25,000 (min)
Ordre D'Egalité, $50,000 Level
  • Year One: $30,000 (min)
  • Year Two: $40,000
  • Year Three: $50,000
La Société Nationale, $100,000 Level
  • Year One: $60,000 (min)
  • Year Two: $75,000
  • Year Three: $100,000

Get Started

United Way offers several ways to create a lasting impact with your leadership gift, including through gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, or distribution from your Donor Advised Fund.

For more information, please email Laurie McCormack, call (816) 559-4650 or use the inquiry form below.


Women United

400+ members locally; more than 70,000 nationally 

All About Women United

Women United is a network of philanthropic women dedicated to creating a better life and a stronger community for everyone. Our members contribute their personal passions, best ideas, unique strengths, and deep caring to build a stronger Kansas City. When you join Women United, you will gain access to a network of influential, driven women who share an active commitment to our community and the initiatives that strengthen it.

Focused on Education

Members support key education initiatives, particularly for children in low-income families. Why education? Research shows quality early education is vital to a child’s success.

To offer quality early education and help children succeed in these critical years, Women United Kansas City members support a healthy beginning through a variety of reading programs and initiatives.

In 2016, we brought the following to life:

  • 414 children pre-natal to age 3 enrolled in Promise 1000 home visiting
  • 16,123 books delivered to kids birth-age 5 through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
  • 23,460 books free to kids kindergarten-grade 6 through My Very Own Library

Step Up Program

To be eligible for Women United membership, donors must donate $2,400 or more annually. Receive full Women United recognition and benefits in year one when you commit to a three-year progression of gifts:

  • Year One: $1,600
  • Year Two: $2,000
  • Year Three: $2,400
Susie Bower, Women's Leadership Council

Get Started

For more information about Women United and how you can get involved, please email Susie Bower or call (816) 559-4733



5,200+ members locally; nearly 470,000 nationally

All About LeadUnited

Including Young Leaders Society, African American Leadership Initiative, and Latino Leadership Initiative plus other leadership donors of all ages, LeadUnited provides the foundation to a better Kansas City with a generous gift between $1,200 and $9,999 annually. This membership level starts at $25 per week and allows you to join a dynamic group of people focused on tackling the community’s most pressing issues.

Together, we ensure that children have the best opportunities to succeed, families have the tools to build a solid foundation, and everyone gets to live with the hope and dignity they deserve.

Meaningful Connections, Real Change

  • Attend social events, bus tours, volunteer and family events
  • Get exclusive access to top civic leaders
  • Become an advocate for change in our community

Step Up Program

To be eligible for LeadUnited membership, donors must donate $1,200 or more annually. Receive full LeadUnited recognition and benefits in year one when you commit to a three-year progression of gifts:

  • Year One: $600
  • Year Two: $900
  • Year Three: $1,200

 Get Started

For more information about LeadUnited and how you can get involved, please contact Stephanie Miller at or (816) 559-4633.


LINC - 30 and under

250+ Members locally; 4,000+ nationally

All About LINC

United Way LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change.) is a national network that empowers young professionals ages 21-30 in our community to make a difference. United Way LINC members get involved with a unique blend of hands-on projects at local schools and nonprofit partner agencies with a social twist. We call it Socialanthropy™! Elevate your community, make connections, and expand your social calendar

"I love LINC because it’s millennials coming together for meaningful experiences and having an impact on our community through volunteer projects and social networking."


A New Way to Get Involved

  • Meet up with young pros like you—ages 21-30—for fun events with a purpose
  • Experience hands-on volunteering and networking opportunities. Happy hours, themed social events and more
  • Support education and basic needs in the Kansas City community
  • Stay current with our active and engaged network across a variety of social platforms. You’ll always know what’s coming up
  • Connect with LINC programs in 16 other major cities

To be eligible for LINC membership, donors must be ages 21-30 and donate $250 or more annually. 

Get Started

For more information about LINC and how you can get involved, please email Stephanie Miller at, call (816) 559-4633, or visit